Cyber Security

Understanding the Threat

What is the cyber threat and how can it affect me or my Company

The cyber threat is often dramatised and reported in a way that is difficult to conceptualise.  As with all threats, it is essential that you understand from what, and from where, you are at risk.

The core of the cyber-security threat that can be faced by anyone, regardless of who you are, local footprint or turnover can be brought down to three major components:

Humans – are arguably one of the weakest and easiest links to break in any ICT infrastructure. The social media information outburst, the blurred lines between corporate and home devices and often the lack of policy and procedures around the actions employees are allowed to take, all of these create the opportunity for critical data cracks which attackers are just one step away of utilising to penetrate a system.

Physical – Your company can be physically reached relatively easy nowadays given the fact that businesses have multiple offices across the world with varying levels of security. If you add that to a the vast amount of data available on the internet of building locations, architectural drawings, street view and internal pictures of equipment, a rich multidimensional picture is born, offering attackers just about everything they need to plan their next move.

Technical – Companies often have disparate or ageing legacy infrastructure connected to the internet across the business, as well as a variety of interlocutors linked to their internal system. This could open the way for cyber-attacks via third party entry points to a network, such as corporate, wireless, access control, CCTV, building management, VOIP and Video Conferencing, to name but a few.

Although apparently divergent, the three domains of the cyber threat can be easily blended preliminary to a multi-level attack. Once you become aware of the critical information that is on display for cyber-criminals to make use of, you have already made the first step to understanding and therefore being able to protect yourself and your company.


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